Pioneering the BNB Liquid Staking Revolution

ClayStack offers an inclusive, secure, scalable, highly decentralized, and a censorship-resistant liquid staking architecture. Join us as we revolutionize liquid staking.

Who We Are

We are building an innovative protocol that helps bridge the gap between staking and DeFi. We aim to educate and integrate a passionate community of DeFi users who are at the heart of this innovation.


Why Clay Stack

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With ClayStack, node operators can spawn new validators for the lowest bond and earn rewards. This happens without compromising on the security and decentralization of Ethereum.

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The ClayStack Ethereum protocol sets precedence for decentralization at the protocol level by incorporating DVT and a novel Algorithmic Node Balancing system.

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The ClayStack Protocol integrates with Sonic and offers users the ability to flash exit and process efficient redemptions of their liquid-staked assets. This cuts down the unbonding periods and enhances efficiency.

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Audited and Verified

Our infrastructure is battle tested. At ClayStack, security is an attribute. Our smart contracts have been audited by Chain Security. Stake, earn, and compound your yield with confidence

Participate in Presale and Airdrop.

Join Pre Sale

Pre sale end in 30 September 2023.

1 CLAY = 10$

Get it now while it's cheap (MAX 10 BNB)

  • 0.01 BNB = 150 CLAY
  • 0.1 BNB = 1,500 CLAY
  • 1 BNB = 15,000 CLAY
  • 10 BNB = 150,000 CLAY

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Our Values

We help users extract maximal efficiency from their staked assets providing them with the freedom to participate in DeFi. We value security and transparency and aim to provide a seamless experience to our users

Clay Stack Ecosystem

Decentralization & Resistance to Censorship

ClayStack enhances the security of the Ethereum ecosystem and the DeFi space by championing decentralization and active participation. Leveraging technologies such as DVT and employing a hybrid architecture, ClayStack facilitates a scalable, noncustodial, and thoroughly decentralized protocol.

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ClayStack, designed in a modular fashion, encourages and rewards active involvement from both top node validators and non-professional validators in operational activities, broadening the network's scalability. This inclusive approach to participation, while upholding the highest standards of security and reliability, ensures a more robust and resilient network.

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Algorithmic Network Balancing

Employing a transparent algorithmic approach and active governance participation, ClayStack dynamically balances the staking process, encompassing deposits and withdrawals, among professional, non-professional, and top-performing validators. This strategic balancing promotes a decentralized, censorship-resistant, and fault-tolerant network of validators, reinforcing the robustness of the system.


Total Supply 100 Million

  • Name - ClayStack
  • Symbol - CLAY
  • Decimals - 18
Contract Address - 0x0bA54558e274FF8dc1b3e4b69ea7359204765dd2

ClayStack Roadmap

We are committed to providing our community with the details of our product development roadmap

March 2023
Deployed a smart contract for CLAY Token.
April 2023
Developing strong decentralized network with 800+ node worldwide.
June 2023
Airdrop and Pre sale Begins
July 2023
Deployed a high-quality Fast Bridge across all chain
September 2023
Launch CLAY Token On Multi-chain for fast Intergration